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Eating healthy with an unconventional schedule

To eat healthy, it’s important to have a good structure of your day and meals. But with an unconventional schedule, it is sometimes difficult to get organized. Here are 3 rules to follow to feel better and make it easier. 

First rule : Space out the meals of at least 4 hours.

For example, if you eat at 6Pm, make sure that your next meal is not before 10 Pm. This will help you avoid eating too much food in a short time. Indeed, the consequences of an excessive consumption of food will generate fatigue and drowsiness. In fact, the body needs a minimum of time to digest the food and this 4 hours waiting time will help your body avoid gastric overload, acid reflux,  heayviness feel and last but not least, storage of excess food as body fat.

Second rule: Have a snack every time your meals are seperated of more than 5 hours. 

For example, if you eat at 4 Pm and you next meal is around midnight, have a snack every 2-3 hours which is around 6.30 then around 9 Pm. Without the snacks, you risking being very hungry when it’s time for your meal and then lose control on your appetite while eating fast and too much. Also, eating often but less helps  the metabolism to be faster and burn more easily calories. What is a good snack? A yogurt, milk, almonds, nuts, low fat cheese, humus… with a fruit if you feel like it.

Third rule: Avoid meals that are too heavy during night shifts. 

Too big quantities of meat, overuse of fat, heavy desserts or very sweet drinks can make you feel heavy and tired. ’utilisation excessive de gras ou encore les desserts ou les boissons très sucrés peuvent causer une sensation de lourdeur et de fatigue. Chances are you’ll be less alert.

To finish with, take a few minutes to organise your meals and snacks according to the different working hours… See following examples (more or less 30 minutes)

Schedule 1 (early bird)  : 5.30Am : snack  —  8.30Am: Meal  —  1.30Pm : Meal  —  5.30Pm : Meal  — 7Pm: Snack   —  Sleeping around 9Pm

Schedule 2 (Early bird, option 2) : 5.30Am : Meal  —  8.30Am : Snack  —  10.30Am : Snack —  12.30Pm : Meal  —  3.30 : Snack  —  7Pm : Meal.

Schedule 3 (Starting the day later (waking up around 1Pm)):  2.00Pm : Meal  —  4.30Pm : Snack–  7Pm: Snack —  10.30Pm : Meal —  1Am : Snack —  3-4Am  : Meal —  Sleeping around 6Am.

These menus are an indication only. You can rearrange them to suit you within the rulesgiven above.

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